All prices are final.
No refund will be given.
We reserve the right to refuse services for customers.
Gift certificates are available. They are non-refundable, not exchangeable and not redeemable for cash.
All request must follow the posted GA state board regulation (hangnail, in-grow nails.please consult with your doctor). We will try our best to get to your needs but will/can not be held responsible for anything (getting infection.).
Please let us know if you have a medical condition (diabetes, allergies.).
A client with an appointment will get faster services. Walk-in customer will be first come first serve (depend on our availability).
Please respect other clients. Please no loud music or talking on the speaker phone (unless it is an emergency/urgent)
We behave kids are always welcome.
No pets will be allowed in the salon (unless it is a service dog or special need).
We are not responsible for any lost or damaged belongings. Business hours are subject to change (holidays, season, weather conditions.)
Only one discount or offer can be used at a time.